Best Way to Detox

best way to detox

Our bodies weren't meant to absorb all the toxins that derive from modern diets and lifestyles. From consuming an absorbent amount of processed foods to drinking alcohol, we have forced our bodies to work double-time just to get rid of things nature never intended to go inside our bodies. While it is true that our liver and kidneys naturally detoxes our bodies for us, doing cleanses allows our organs to work at their max capacity to flush our system of the toxins. Detoxes work by giving our toxin-fighting organs the chance to "reset" and use less energy fighting the gunk we constantly throw into our body, helping you feel better and look better by the end of the detox.

How to Detox

There is no doubt that the best way to detox your body is to do it naturally without radical changes to your lifestyle. There are plenty of so-called "detoxes" out there, from apple-only diets  to water binges, but there is nothing healthy with extreme dieting or binging - they almost always do more harm then good.

The first and most simple step for a healthy detox is to set a time frame where you will commit yourself. Commitment is very important because your body needs time to really flush out all the toxins and start anew. Most detox programs last between 2 to 4 weeks, allowing just enough time to really kick-start your body and to really both see and feel a different you.

After you've decided to do a detox and have committed to a time frame, the next step would be to simply cut out processed foods and alcohol. They take a heavy toll on our body and forces our organs to work extra hard in order to filter these toxins out because our body was never meant to absorb these "foods" and "drinks".

girl drinking tea

The third and final step is even easier - start drinking tea! The benefits of tea for detoxing, weight loss and overall health has been well documented. The antioxidants found in tea, especially green tea, has been shown to not only speed up your metabolism to aid in weight loss during the detox, but has also been shown to do everything from brightening up your mood to helping prevent heart and brain disease. During the detox, it is best to drink tea three times a day, once before every meal. This gives a flush of antioxidants throughout the day to help with the detox while naturally helping to suppress your appetite before you meals!

Types of food

One of the most important part of the detox is the diet. You can't give your body a rest from the toxins if you're still constantly throwing gunk into your body. Completely stay away from processed foods such as artificial sweeteners, refined grains, pre-flavored packaging products, alcohol and even low-fat foods (as these tend to be much more processed).

healthy foods

The best foods to eat are natural whole foods such as fish, chicken, vegetables, nuts and fruits. For a full list of foods to eat while on a detox, click here.


When you complete a detox, you will see and feel a completely new you. The biggest noticeable physical change that most people see is a good amount of fat loss after they complete the detox due to the metabolism boosting and fat oxidation powers of the tea. Another physical change that many people will notice is a more radiant skin. The antioxidants in the tea helps fight off radicals and UV damage before they attack your skin, giving you a smoother skin! Aside from all the physical changes, more importantly, are a wealth of health benefits that you will have after completing a detox. From a boost to an immune system to a a more efficient digestive tract, it wouldn't make sense for you not to detox!

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