Green Tea Detox Diet Plan

When starting a green tea detox program, the diet plan plays an important part of the success; so it is very helpful to know what types of food to eat. Unlike other health or weight-loss fads, you won’t have to drink an absurd concoction or only eat oranges for a committed period of time. The best way to go about your green tea detox diet is to simply eat healthy on top of drinking all natural green tea.

green tea detox diet

Green tea alone contains high amounts of antioxidants as well as fat burning agents that aid in the speeding of your metabolism, giving you a head start in getting that leaner body you desire. But with the addition of a healthy and all-natural diet, a green tea detox can have a much larger impact on your weight-loss goals!

Foods to Eat

While on a detox, it is important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables - your diet should be comprised mainly of these as they are filled with macronutrients to fuel your body. Particularly, pick the ones with vibrant colors, such as dark, leafy greens like kale or spinach, or any type of berries for fruits as they are filled with health benefits.

You’ll want to avoid any enriched or white grains, opting for healthier and natural grains such as brown rice or quinoa.

Eating foods rich with fiber such as beans or nuts will help clear your digestive tract of unwanted build up which further helps your detox. Also, try to limit your intake of red meats and go for organic if possible. Sticking with fresh white fish such as tilapia is a good option as it is low in fat and high in protein. You’ll obviously want to stay away from any fatty, sugary, or processed foods, as well as alcohol as these contains the exact toxins that your detox is trying to get rid!

healthy eating

In conjunction with drinking green tea during a detox period, eating healthy and natural foods will give you maximum results as it gives your body a full chance to reset itself. On top of that, if you do your best to stick to a healthy diet even after you finish a green tea detox program, you can definitely expect to see a leaner and healthier future!

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