How to Detox Your Body

Everyday we are ingesting chemicals, additives and “toxins” that our body was never meant to absorb, causing many of us to suffer from weight gain, fatigue, insomnia and even recurring illness. Detoxes work by helping to flush our system of toxins, giving our organs the chance to “reset” and use less energy fighting the toxins we constantly throw into our body. The most popular type of detox today is the tea detox, and for good reason. Green tea has shown to suppress appetite, increase metabolism and increase fat oxidation - all naturally and healthily.

how to detox your body

Unlike a few misconceptions, detoxing isn't an extreme or radical change in your lifestyle. You don’t starve yourself nor binge on tea alone - all you simply do is follow a natural and healthy diet as well as drink natural green tea in the morning and a colon-cleansing tea at night. Let the tea work its magic!

1. Pick a Detox program

It all starts with your choice to do a detox. Detoxing your body isn't a radical lifestyle change whatsoever but it still requires a commitment. Detox programs usually range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, giving your body enough time to really renew itself. During this time, in order to maximize your body's natural ability to detoxify itself, you'll need to stick to a natural and healthier diet away from processed foods and alcohol. Using tea to supplement this process has become extremely popular lately due to the massive amount of antioxidants and other health benefits inside tea. ​ how to detox your body girl drinking tea ​

2. Drink the tea

The main part of the detox! For the next few weeks, however long your detox program is, you'll drink the delicious morning refresh tea once every morning and the night cleanse tea once every other night. The morning tea, which is filled with antioxidants and vitamins, helps you start your day off strong with a boosted metabolism and suppressed appetite. The night cleanse tea helps cleanse your colon of the daily build up of toxins so you'll have a more efficient digestive tract.

3. Stick with a healthier diet

Give your body a rest! Your organs constantly work hard trying to detoxify your body from all the gunk you put in yourself so why not maximize your time on a detox program to let your body detox as efficiently as it can. During the detox period, stay away from processed food and alcohol. Do your best to eat natural, whole and clean foods such as vegetables, nuts and lean meat. For a list of good food to eat during a detox, click here.

4. Reap the results

Look in the mirror after 14 or 28 days, whenever you finish your detox cycle, and see a skinnier and healthier you! See a noticeable difference in your skin complexion, in your stubborn fat areas and even in your smile. With the proven power of natural organic teas and the determination you have had over the past few weeks, you'll bef proud of the results of the tea detox when you look in the mirror. Let this be a jump start towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier life! 

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