Matcha green tea for weight loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Feel like you've tried every workout, diet and weight-loss supplement out there with no decent results? If this sounds like you and you’re ready to try something that is proven and natural, then you may want to give matcha green tea a try.

Everyone’s heard of green tea and you probably know about all the amazing health benefits it offers. However, you may not be at all familiar with matcha tea, an ancient Japanese tea that has been drank for thousands of years.

What is it?

Matcha is a well reputed green tea that is from Japan and it goes back over a thousand years and is held in high esteem in Japanese society. In fact, it is the only tea used in traditional tea ceremonies. It is highly touted for its incredible health benefits including cancer and fat fighting properties. In fact, the health benefits of matcha are so profound that a University of Colorado showed that matcha green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea!

Our Matcha Green Tea

When buying Matcha green tea, you must make sure that it is of the highest quality as there are lots out there that aren’t even meant to be drank. Our Matcha is 100% organic and comes only from the highest grade tea leaves. This simply means that you’re going to get the highest amount of delicious benefits with every sip!

Why it works for weight loss

There are quite a few reasons that green tea, and more specifically matcha, is super effective for weight loss. The most powerful effect of matcha green tea on weight loss is that it is able to boost the body’s metabolism.

Numerous studies, including one conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, have found that matcha green tea boosts the body’s metabolism by up to 40%. This means the body is able to naturally burn of a lot more calories than it normally would be able to.

How to Use it

Matcha tea is unique from most teas you’re probably familiar with it because it’s in a powder. This means that when making matcha it is not steeped; rather it is mixed into hot water.

To get the most out of Matcha green tea for your weight loss goals, you must make sure that all aspects of your lifestyle are targeted towards losing weight. This includes: diet, sleep, and exercise. Without that, your weight loss experience will be less effective.


You may be wondering whether or not matcha green tea truly lives up to its name. All you have to do is see for yourself. Look at the studies and look at the results of people who have drank matcha tea.

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