How to Make Matcha Tea

how to make matcha tea

How To Brew Matcha Tea

If you’re not familiar with Matcha, it is a powerful green tea that has been used for centuries in Japan as a sacred ceremonial tea. Today it is enjoyed across the world for its amazing health benefits including the abundance of antioxidants.

Another unique aspect of Matcha green tea is that it comes in a powdered form, unlike most teas that you are probably more familiar with. This means it requires a special preparation process to yield the best taste and benefits from this amazing tea.

Making the Perfect Cup of Matcha

Great matcha starts with the highest quality tea. Our Matcha is 100% organic and it comes from the highest-grade tea leaves. Don’t skimp or you’re going to miss out on all the wonderful benefits.

Traditional Japanese ceremonies call for a thorough cleaning of all the parts of the tea process such as the cups and whisks.  Once these are clean, traditionally 3 scoops of powdered matcha are added to the bowl per guest. Then hot water (just before the boiling point) is added.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Heat a pot of water to the point where it is near a boil (approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit);
  2. Next heat the matcha bowl up by filling it roughly 1/3 full with the hot water and let sit for several minutes until thoroughly heated;
  3. After that, empty out the bowl and make sure to clean it and dry it completely;
  4. You may now add more hot water to the bowl (we recommend 6 oz. of water per tsp. of powder);
  5. Then add the matcha powder (About 1 tsp per serving) to the water and whisk until it turns into a smooth paste.

Iced Matcha

For a cool, tasty drink give iced matcha a try. Simply follow the steps above to start.

Then set aside a glass and fill it with about 1 oz. of milk (Use your favorite type of milk!). Make sure to whisk it until it’s frothy and then add a few ice cubes.

Now you can go ahead and add the matcha to the glass. Stir it and then drink up!


Maybe you don’t have to prep an iced matcha or brew matcha as it was done in traditional Japanese ceremonies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy matcha while on the go. It’s so easy too!

Simply add 1-2 tsps. of powdered matcha into a bottle of water (16 oz.), shake thoroughly, and enjoy!

Tips for the Best Matcha

There are a few tips you should keep in mind when storing, prepping and drinking matcha green tea:

  1. Remember to not boil the water when brewing your tea, and to let it cool once you make it for the best taste.
  2. Store the matcha in cool, dark place to retain freshness.
  3. Drink immediately after brewing for the best taste and health benefits.

There you have it. Again, we sell nothing but the highest quality Matcha green tea, so what are you waiting for?


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