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    About Us


We're Teaglad

and We Love Tea

We make it easy for you to love tea too. Simply order from our website and have the best natural tea from around the world arrive at your door steps in no time.
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Our Mission

For us, tea is not just a beverage choice, it is a choice for a better mind and body. Teaglad was founded based on a realization that finding high-quality specialty tea was much harder than it needed to be. As the popularity of tea is growing, we don't want to capitalize on a trend, but instead we want to ensure that people who do join the tea movement pick the best choices for themselves.


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Where We Get Our Tea

We pride ourselves in our products and we believe that is the biggest factor that separates us from any other specialty tea retailer. We source all of our tea from where they originate. Our Matcha green tea, for example, comes straight from Asia, where it historically originated from and has been enjoyed by the people there for almost a thousand years.

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