Matcha Green Tea

Our 100% organic Matcha green tea comes from the highest-grade green tea leaves, ground down into a fine powder to produce a tea with more antioxidants than any drink in the world.

lose weight

Lose Weight

Suppresses appetite, increases metabolism and boosts fat oxidation
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Boost Immune System

Aids in bacteria immunity and helps prevent brain and heart diseases

Improve Skin

Fights UV radiation and other radicals before they can damage your skin
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Increase Happiness

Reduces anxiety and modulates serotonin, improving mood and thoughts



detox tea with antioxidants

137x More Antioxidants
than Regular Green Tea

Matcha has been called "the healthiest tea on Earth" because it has more antioxidants per gram than anything in the world, even beating out super-foods by a long shot!





Making the Traditional Tea

1. Mix ~1 tsp (1-2 g) of matcha with a bit of water until it turns into a smooth paste
2. Stir while adding more hot water (recommended: 6 oz water per tsp of powder)

Easy On-the-Go Tea

1. Add 1 - 2 teaspoons of matcha into a 16 ounce bottle of water
2. Shake thoroughly and enjoy




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